John Stofflet

News Anchor/Reporter

  • I'm filling in today for @SairaAnwer on @nbc15_madison News at 5. Why not join me? It's not like there's anything else on then. 😜#packers

  • Thanks to the future broadcasters who stopped by our booth @SunPrairieDECA event! @WeatherDoogs @nbc15_madison

  • Here is my two-part interview for @nbc15_madison with @megynkelly of @MegynTODAY . #megynkelly #megynkellytoday

  • @RyanCyn @megynkelly Thanks! I enjoyed meeting @megynkelly . We had a great conversation. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • My 2-part interview with @megynkelly airs tonight on @nbc15_madison News at 6&10. We talk about new @MegynTODAY,…